Alice Hawkes
May 26, 1964 - October 4, 1987
Remembering Alice
Alice Ann Hawkes was a daughter, sister, aunt, niece and a friend. Both young and beautiful, she had a whole lifetime ahead of her that was full of potential. Alice was found murdered inside her apartment in Westbrook, Maine on October 4, 1987. Her murderer was never apprehended and is still at large.
This Web Site is dedicated to the memory of Alice Hawkes whose life was cut short by a brutal act of violence. It is also for her family who have lived without her for twenty-one years and who still believe that justice can, must and will be done in her case.

Alice never knew what it would be like to become a bride, a wife, a mother, or even a grandmother. She did not have the opportunity to pursue her dreams, to try and to achieve her goals, or to see how far she could go in life with her talent and abilities. Alice had the potential, but she did not have luxury of time. That was taken away from her on an October afternoon in Westbrook, Maine in 1987.

I want to acknowledge and to thank Alice's family for not only granting me their permission to create this web site, but also for their cooperation. Without them it would not exist.

Andree was Alice's closet friend since the third grade - a friendship that spanned thirteen years. She shared her memories of Alice with me as well as private correspondence between the two of them from 1983 thru 1987 that was certainly not intended for other ears to hear or other eyes to read. In doing so she was not only giving information to me, but was also allowing me into Alice's most private thoughts. It was only then that I began to understand - even from afar - who Alice Hawkes really was.

We must not forget the law enforcement authorities who have worked hard and continue to work on Alice's case.The Maine State Police and the Westbrook Police Department are sometimes the forgotten ones. It is perceived that it is just their job to solve the case, but they too are affected by it as well as every violent crime that occurs. During the course of investigations they live, breathe, and dream about the events - day in and day out.

Lastly, for you the visitor, this web site is not just to serve as a memorial to Alice Hawkes and her short life it is also a reminder about her tragic death and the unsolved business associated with it. For those of you reading these words it is possible that you may have some information that could help to resolve the case. Remember - it is never to late for justice to be done,or to cleanse a conscience. If you can help please follow the links in this web site.

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"The most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart" A quote from Helen Keller that Alice used next to her photo in her Bangor High School graduation yearbook.

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