Light a Candle for Alice
Many times people write to say that they wish there was something that they could do for Alice, her family and the case.  Well there is.  And it will not cost you anything except five minutes of your time every forty-eight hours.

Please consider lighting a virtual candle for Alice. We have vowed to keep at least one candle burning for Alice on  the Internet until her case is solved.

The candle symbolizes that Alice is not forgotten and that the person who took her life needs to be brought to justice. We believe that time is near.

Whether you are family, friend, or web site visitor please join us and  and help to keep the candles burning.

So - how do you do it?  Just click on the unlit candle below. You will be taken to Alice's section of a memorial web site that is safe and secure.  Once there you will see other candles that have been lit.  If you click on them you will see the thoughts and messages that was left as well as who lit the candle. Of course you can do it without using your real name.
Click on an unlit candle and follow the directions.  It is as simple as that. Save the website to your Favorites list and go to it every forty-eight hours to be sure to keep your candle lit.

We hope that you can join us, but no matter what continue to pray for Alice's family as well as the Maine State Police Investigators who are working hard to solve the case. And whether you are religious or not  BELIEVE that the case will be solved soon - for Alice, her family and for justice.

We BELIEVE that Justice Will Be Done (JWBD).
Click on the image below to light your candle for Alice.  Candles burn for forty-eight hours before going out. You can light new candles as often as you want.
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