Any changes to the Alice Hawkes case status will be updated here if and when the Maine State Police make a public comment.
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Case Update
March 9, 2009  Reported in the Bangor Daily News by Renee Ordway Special to the NEWS.
Deputy Attorney General Bill Stokes said that there was definitely renewed interest and that the lead detective had been given specific instructions on how to proceed with the investigation.While he would not provide specifics about the investigation, Stokes said he believed the case was “very solvable.”

March 11, 2009 Reported on WCSH TV Newscenter 6
by reporter Tim Goff


(Deputy Attorney General) Stokes commented, "the new detective that is assigned to it is very good, Detective Ross, and he has done some terrific work on it, in reconstructing the timeline of that day, the day she was killed and so we're cautiously optimistic that we are making progress on the case and hopefully we will be able to break it."

March 12, 2009 Reported  in the American Journal by reporter Leslie Bridges
According to ( Lt. Brian) McDonough, the Hawkes case is still considered an open, active homicide.
“There’s been fresh eyes looking at it and working at it and following up,” he said. McDonough said police have a good idea of how Hawkes was murdered and who was involved, and that it’s just a matter of proving it, at this point. He said applying the latest technology to the evidence collected over two decades ago could provide police with the proof they’re looking for. “I’m always optimistic,” McDonough said about solving homicides. “It’s tough to tell on cases like this, but you never know.”

July 14, 2009  Comment from the Maine State Police for this web site
The Maine State Police are still investigating the death of Alice Hawkes and are willing to listen to anyone who may have information.