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DTime is precious.  Every second, minute, hour, day, month and year that passes by is sand through the hourglass of our lives. 

Look again at the numbers above. They seem  small and insignificant don't they?  Yet  - encapsulated within them are the epochs of our lives.

We can look at this from several different aspects. 

For Alice Hawkes they represent how long it has been since she was taken away from us.  In 2010 she will have been gone as long as she had lived on this earth.  For her family and friends it is the time that has passed since they could hold her and talk with her. It is the ticking of the clock and the number of tears and sleepless nights that they have had to deal with since her death. It is a mother's love for the loss of her youngest daughter and the unanswered question - why?

For you, the reader, they represent the life that you have lived since Alice's death.  Just for a moment think about all that you have experienced.  Think of your  triumphs and failures, your joy and your tears. Think  of the happiness that you felt while looking into your children's eyes. The fun summer vacations  as well as the cold winter nights. The times that you felt lonely and afraid and also complete and secure just laying beside your loved one in the quiet of the evening.  With all that you have been through you would not exchange life for death because, no matter the circumstances and even in the midst of darkness, there is always hope.  Alice never had the chance to experience  what you have during the last twenty-one years. 

Lastly, the numbers above also represents the amount of time that the person who murdered Alice Hawkes has lived a life free of accountability for his actions.  Does he sleep well at night?  Has he been able to erase from his mind what he did to such a lovely person?  And more importantly does he think he will be able to escape punishment for what he did?

Maybe the person who took Alice's life knows, as we all do, that there is a day of reckoning coming.  And that is just a matter of time until he has to give an account for what he has done.  Let us hope that is the case.  As the BOOK says, "be sure - you're sin will find you out.

Until then -

Pray - think positive - for Alice's family.

Pray - think positive-  for the Maine State Police investigators as well  as all of those who are associated with the new case status.

Pray - think positive - that the person who killed Alice Hawkes will  be so tormented by guilt that he will confess to the crime.

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